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Shareware CD-ROMs
by SoftKey
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Topics: MS-DOS games, Windows games
The Software Library: MS-DOS
by Epic Megagames, Inc.
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ZZT is an ANSI character-based video game, created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney of Potomac Computer Systems which became Epic MegaGames in 1992. "ZZT" itself is not an acronym for anything; its title was chosen so it would always appear at the bottom of newsgroup listings. It was later jokingly mentioned by Sweeney as being short for Zoo of Zero Tolerance, which has mistakenly become a popular belief. ZZT '​s graphics used the same style of text-mode graphics that Kingdom of Kroz used 4...
Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by Redwood Games
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Developed by Redwood Games Platform DOS Published by MVP Software Released 1994 Genre Action Gameplay Platform, Shooter Description Aliens that look like giant dill pickles are about to conquer the human colony of Arcadia. Five hundred years of continuous peace led to complete disarmament, and humans find themselves unprepared for war. Only a brave lad named Dave, armed with a Salad Shooter, can face the murderous pickles. His task is to find ancient weapons and put an end to the war. Pickle...